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Managing Team

Guillermo M. Acevedo

As founder and managing partner of the Group, Guillermo brings over twenty years of working experience in the Banking and Real Estate industries. He is responsible for determining Shina’s overall direction, strategy and investment implementation.

Prior to moving to the United States, Guillermo worked as an independent consultant providing strategic business planning services in diverse industries; for HSBC Investment Banking, participating in the architecture and restructuration of diverse debt vehicles, and coordinating and tracing all M&A transactions within Latin America.

Guillermo is the former VP of the Panama Chamber of Commerce in Argentina. He graduated in Economics from Torcuato Di Tella University (Argentina). He speaks English and Spanish.

Germán Paradelo

Germán has more than 20 years of experience in the retail industry, a vast experience in finance and has actively participated in the decision making process for the acquisition of real estate assets in Argentina and USA.

Before settling in Miami, he led the main toy company in Argentina, with whom he maintained a relationship until now, providing control and auditing services.

Germán has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Belgrano and a Master's degree in Strategic Human Resources Management.

Jonathan Culley

Jonathan has over 15 years of combined experience in real estate, corporate and specialty finance. He joined the group in March 2023 with the purpose of overseeing and further developing private and institutional investor relationships.

Jonathan received a Bachelor in Business Management from the Universidad Católica de Argentina.

International associates

Cecilia Nores Martínez
Real Estate consultant with over eight years of experience in the United States. Mainly focused in the acquisition, sale and management of multifamily complexes and condominiums.

Leonardo García
CPA with 20 years of professional experience who has served as director and auditor in various companies, and led investment projects in the mining, metallurgical and oil sector.

Pablo Lara
Well recognized lawyer with outstanding business accomplishments in other industries, such as agriculture and foreign trade.

Rodrigo Fernández
Head of CMI, an investment consulting and asset management group in Argentina

Advisory board

Jason Morjain
Manager at Rok Acquisitions and Managing Member at Dragonfly Investments.

Irving Weisselberger
Managing Member at Dragonfly Investments.

Nathan Wasserman
President at A.M. Property Holding Corp.

Timur Eron
Associate at Morrison Cohen LLP.

More than $500 million in real estate acquired, mainly throughout the East Region of the US.

Invested Under analisys
Square Feet
Completed Projects
Investment criteria
Transaction Size $5m to $500m
Geographic Market USA Nationwide
Asset Types
  • Necessity based retail with high service oriented tenants
  • Secondary market locations with population growth
  • Well anchored centers with strong cash flow
  • Potential for additional value creation
  • Acquisition price per square foot below replacement cost
  • Investor exit in 3 – 5 years
  • Multifamily Complexes and Single Family Homes
  • Acquisition price no less than 25% below market
  • Class A or B neighborhoods
  • Potential for significant value creation
  • Local management involved to assure effective turnaround or lease activity
  • Investor exit in 6 moths – 2 years
Mortgage-backed Loans
  • Secured by 1st degree mortgage and other guarantees
  • Loan to value below 75%
  • Any current or future monetary commitment associated with the property offered as collateral is covered with funds deducted from the loan being granted.
  • Investor exit in 1 – 2 years
Office Building
  • Class A or B building
  • Central Business Districts (CBD) preferably
  • Stable tenant base with potential to lease up its vacancy
  • Potential for additional value creation
  • Investor exit in 3 – 5 years
  • Opportunities with good cash flow and value add potential
  • Long term sticky tenants
  • Strategically located assets
  • Investor exit in 5 – 7 years
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